UK Firefighter Salary/Pay

Although the salary for UK firefighters will vary depending on which service they’re part of, starting pay is generally around £22,000 during training, which then raises to approximately £30,000+ a year for a firefighter role.

Career progression comes with a higher salary as you can imagine, with all roles coming with a generous pension scheme. As you will see, some of the pay jumps aren’t that large, considering the extra responsibility that may come with the new role.

As an example, this is the published pay rates for Devon & Somerset from July 2020.

London Fire Brigade offers a higher rate of salary due to the cost of living in London. Below is the pay scale for for London Fire Brigade as of July 2021.

Not listed above, UK chief fire officers command the highest salaries with the average pay being over £140,000+ a year. A nice income for those willing to work their way to the highest rank in the fire service.

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