The Modern UK Firefighter

Mani, the area manager for operational response discusses how the role of a modern firefighter has changed vastly over the years. The video was produced by Kent Fire and Rescue Service.

Video Transcription:

I'm Manny and I'm the area manager for operational response for Kent Fire and Rescue Service. From when I started, I had a cork helmet and we just literally moved away from the plastic leggings. So if you look now, our fire kit, our personal protective equipment is just the top specification. It's designed for men and women, you know, before it was one size fits all. 

We need to be diverse in our equipment because our workforce is diverse. That's how you get the very best out of the team. I think the biggest differences is the scope of incidents that we attend. I mean, it used to be fire brigade. Now we're fire and rescue service. So the clue's in the title that, you know, we're, we're attending a whole range of different types of incidents. 

There's a lot more engagement and talking, making sure our customers are safe and that they have a good service from us. For me, a good firefighter is somebody that every interaction they have, leaves a positive reaction from that person that you leave it with. You've got to have that ability to think on your feet, physically fit.  I think being able to work with other people and got to be able to be communicative. 

Talk to people. Got to like talking to people and be able to hold a conversation and get the most out of them just purely because it's not all about the fire engine turning out the doors. 

Actually, there's a whole host of people that support you to get to that point. Best piece of advice I'd give a firefighter today is keep learning, never stop pushing, always come to work with an open mind and be able to accept that you might learn something new. And I do every day I come to work.

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